Dr FreddiesDr. Freddie’s Atomic Commotion

The year is 2015 A.D.
The month of  December.
And bleak.

There is, however, a bright yellow ray of  light. The release of  an eclectic collection of fine, handcrafted songs titled; Fred Händl plays the music of  Frank Zappa-featuring the Giacomo di Lindini trio.  For the release party and subsequent integral live performance of said album, the pianist Fred was forced to call in assistance from two musicians and a guy who just happend to walk in.

And so our story begins…

The party was over, but too many notes were left unplayed. Too many songs unwritten. The quartet decided that they’d need to keep on playing. Dr. Freddie’s Atomic Commotion was born.

Consisting of  (but not limited to):
Fred Händl (piano,guitar)
Coen Siersma (drums,bass,trumpet)
Herrie Friend (guitar,bass)
Giacomo di Lindini (guitar,bass)

Whilst composing and arranging all the notes in a manner best descibed as  ‘deutschewellepunkrockhoteljazzloungemetal’, Dr. Freddie’s is collecting fans at an unprecedented rate. Nothing stands in the way of  a musical and visual spectacle with these gentlemen.

Coen Siersma

Coen has a cat. He likes bright colours and long walks on the beach.
Coen plays musical instruments, notably the drums. Also trumpet.
Has been known to occasionally drop the beat.

Fred Händl

The illustrious Dr. Freddie plays the keys in all keys and then some.
Main job in the band is beer drinking, which he does admirably.
Fred also has a cat.

Herrie Friend

Herrie mostly shows up at gigs and sometimes at rehearsals, where he grabs a random instrument. Sometimes even from another bandmember. Herrie might have a cat.

Giacomo di Lindini

Giacomo’s shameless exhibitionism on any stringed instrument is legendary and also banned in five countries. He’s been trying to make sweet love to guitars for decades now, with varying degrees of success. No cat though.